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An introduction


Hello! And welcome to Rambling Fox!

We’re still under construction a fair bit – the banner you see up there is still a temporary placeholder till a better one is made, you’ll probably see the layout change a fair bit during the first few months, etc. But let’s not let that slow us down!

So what is this Rambling Fox thingy? Well, it’s a music blog centered around the tastes of moi. And I’m called Flint. It’s a place to put down my thoughts about what’s happening in music; opinions, reviews, the occasional news thingy if I feel particularly inspired to comment it. I’m trying to keep this blog as a more text-centric than most other blogs as I’m the sort of person who loves to ramble. And mp3s can be legally a bit dodgy. And hopefully I’ll be able to post something you, whoever you amazing people are who stumble here, find good enough to actually read.

Without further ado… onwards ho!

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