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Data to grab – Rubik releases free EP, live stuff


Rubik is one of those sad cases where a band has all the potential to become massive and huge but because they 1) are from Finland and 2) don’t play metal, they never really get a fair chance of getting big outside the country’s borders. They’ve done fairly active touring in the Europe and US recently and hopefully something’ll snag – it’s a band worth it. While their rather nice debut Bad Conscience Patrol was still fairly derivative of OK Computer -era Radiohead (all the way to the lyric sheets), it was last year’s Dada Bandits that pretty much secured their deal as one of Finland’s best acts at the moment. Bandits was eclectically caleidoscopic and vibrantly colourful album of erratic yet instantly loveable quirky indie rock with gigantic hooks, huge melodies, apocalyptic lyrics and a heavy dose of characteristic, unique quirkiness to spice it all up with. The result is pretty much a masterpiece that even now manages to excite even more than it did back on the first, overwhelming listen.

But we’re not here to talk about Dada Bandits, we’re here to talk about Data Bandits. Or, the new EP that the band is handing out on their website right now.

The Data Bandits EPEPEPEP houses inside it a three-piece conceptual suite, a Disco Ensemble cover and two remixes of Dada Bandits lead single “Wasteland”. The main deal is a mixed one: “Facing the Intergalactic Jury” is pretty much Dada Bandits lite in all the positive and negative connotations that phrase insinuates, “Mad Architect” is closer to the mood moments of the debut and its bookstand EPs and in its beauty it’s the EP’s star, while the trilogy-closing “Time Thyme / The Verdict of the Intergalactic Jury” draws the shortest straw and proves to be a bit of a mess in its desire to cram about a billion different things into itself in a less-than-successful way. The DE cover turns the song from an energy-loaded all-out rocker into a calm, introspective ballad – arguably improving the song in the process, but even those who disagree have to admit the strength of those plaintive horns. The two Wasteland remixes run the usual remix gamut: the RAC remix turns the song into an upbeat synthpop number with a wild zoo of sound effects that pop up for a moment from nowhere (those ooh-oohs are insanely catchy), while the Hisser remix is a minimalist thrust devoid of anything actually interesting.

Download Data Bandits EPEPEPEP from the band’s official site, and if you’ve not familiarised yourself with the group before this head to their Myspace and give the selection of songs (mostly taken from Dada Bandits) a listen. And, y’know, fall in love. Cause it’s pretty fantastic etc.

The band also did some live sessions in America while they were touring there and now Daytrotter has released Rubik’s Data Bandits-heavy session, also for free download. Sadly live does what live does and the versions here lack the punch, force and layered details of the original songs that made them so great. They try hard, but never really get near. “Karhu junassa” and “Fire Age” get closest, the latter in particular lets the keyboard parts shine and carry the version rather nicely. Nothing close to the majesty of the originals though, sadly. But it’s free so eh. Get it here.

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