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More free Finnish band EPs! Pintandwefall’s turn this time


It’s the summer of freebies! Yay! Woo!

Pintandwefall are four girls who decided to enter a band competition for a laugh, and then ended up winning the whole thing. Did I mention that they had never played any instruments bar bog-standard school music lesson stuff before the whole thing? They’re rrrrrrrrrrockingly noisy, hyperactively energetic, charmingly DIY and crazily charming lyrically. And now they’ve released the Roy Peter Mike and Ken, Baby EP on their website, free for everyone to grab.

The EP is pretty much what you’d expect from Pintandwefall, in all the good ways possible. Crazy, quirky and goofball mixture of garage rock and daft pop. The songs are short and simple and the girls yelp and shout songs about things like cats (“they’re my sweet kittens/I will never turn them into mittens”), awesome days (“it is the perfect day/nothing but ice cream and strawberries with cream”), panic attacks (“let’s be in panic all together and say oh no oh oh oh oh oh no”)  and taking photos of your boyfriend (“I won’t put it on the internet / but just think of how many smaller-than-threes you would get”). Which is all kinds of fun. Not life-changing fun, but quirky fun to amuse for the 13 minutes it plays through (unless, of course, you choose to start it again after it’s finished which is not too weird of an option, considering it’s rather swell). You could spend that time much worse.

And for good measure, here’s the immortal “Somewhere I’d Be Worshipped” which isn’t on the EP, but continues to be too awesome to not link to.

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