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The joy and frustration of Hot Chip


I spent the last weekend watching Glastonbury streams off the net. There were plenty of good and great gigs there, both from old favourites (The National was fantastic, as usual) and people I never expected anything from (I find the Florence & The Machine album dull as dishwater but man, those songs worked in a festival setting surprisingly great). The biggest surprise however, and the greatest concert of the whole weekend, was Hot Chip. I decided to check them out of slight interest as One Life Stand is one of my albums of the year. I did not expect that not only did the songs I hadn’t heard before sound even better live than my favourites off the new album, but that the whole thing sounded spectacularly great in a fashion that I rarely feel with live music. They sounded like they were on the top of the world – not what I expected from the pure embodiment of geek chic.

So thanks to Spotify, the past few days I’ve spent with Hot Chip’s back catalogue. It’s… frustrating, to say the least. One Life Stand is an album that is spectacular as a whole. The previous albums however strengthen the feel that Hot Chip are a marvellous band who cannot make an album if their lives depended upon it. There’s songs that sound utterly majestic and which have every right to be called as masterpieces. Right next to them are overlong and even slightly annoying clutter and clang devoid of any ideas. It’s downright bizarre how a single band can operate in such extremes. It also makes the albums an utter pain in the arse to listen. So far they’re a band that have got everything needed to become Loved By Flint… except consistency. Which makes them very hard to adore.

The real point of this post, however, is to just spam their videos though because they are not only a fantastic singles band, they’re also a fantastic videos band.

One Pure Thought. I’ve been addicted to this song all damn day. Awesome video. Brilliant.

Over and Over. Clattering, clanging, grooving, infinitely addictive. Awesome video. Brilliant.

One Life Stand. Simple ideas go very far. Gorgeous chorus. Awesome video. Brilliant.

I Feel Better. The “what the hell did I just watch” video of the year. The autotune dance anthem to reign o’er all others. Awesome video. Brilliant.

Brilliance. And there’s more where those came from.

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  1. Stuart Otterson permalink
    15/07/2010 15:51

    Funny you should mention the second paragraph, that’s exactly what NME noted themselves when reviewing One Life Stand.

    And man I wanted to go watch Hot Chip live in Manchester cus I noticed like 2 weeks before they would play in the Acadamy, but I had nobody to go with and then it sold out a few days later! :< Shame really as that now I'm more or less finished with Uni there's no money income for me so it could be a while till I next have an opportunity to think "ooo a band is playing, I'm going to watch them".

    And hot damn, you're totally correct in saying they are fantastic Singles band, cus I love listening to the likes of One Pure Thought, Ready for the Floor, Over and Over and The Boy From School. I always look forward to the news of another album as I know they're going to have a catch single to listen to.

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