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A long time ago in a dancefloor far far away


This is random. And amazing.

When Star Wars appeared it was far away from the mass-culture conventions and such of today but it was still freaking huge. Naturally merchandise followed, from toys to bed sheets to Christmas albums and so forth. In a logical conclusion the powers of marketing figured out that if they mixed Star Wars with another massively huge trend at the time, it would sell truckloads.

And that’s why we have the Star Wars disco medley. Originally released as a part of an album called Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, the discofied version of the Star Wars theme song was a pretty huge hit and not particularly unknown even today. What is a bit more unknown today is that three-and-a-half-minute boogie-down was originally the opening part of a fifteen-minute disco opus that mashes together several well loved Star Wars theme tunes from the wistful laments to the cantina band song and turns it all into a funked-up intergalactic groovathon. With sound effects. Psiummm! Psiummm! Wwwwoooooommmm!

It is marvellous. You must hear it. So you shall if you click this link.

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