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It’s not war, just the new Manics single


From a band who once famously said “we’ll never write a love song” and who have flirted with the subject before but never actually endulging in it, this sure as hell comes closest to it.

Postcards from a Young Man is supposed to be the band’s “last shot at mass communication”, the big hit attempt. “(It’s Not War) – Just the End of Love” (yes, both brackets and a hyphen) is just what you’d expect from this band trying to score a big hit. Big choruses, big strings, big guitars. It’s all very natural continuation, though not progression, from the last attempt at getting back to the spotlight, 2007’s awkward Send Away the Tigers.

It’s faring a bit better than Tigers though – End of Love sounds like it’s got some soul behind it and that the band isn’t just on autopilot. Yet at the same time it’s definitely a song that they could write in their sleep. It’s about as Manicsy as you can get. It’s also very basic good – enjoyable enough, but only momentarily flashes some moments of genuine excellence (you gotta admit that chorus does start gripping you in a rather lovely way by the end). It has the sort of aura in it that it’s the obvious single but nowhere near the best moments of the album – and from the descriptions and informational tidbits we’ve been getting from the album tracks (Ian McColloch guest features, gospel choirs, the return of Sean’s trumpet, etc), that just might be the case.

But considering how it’s got an insane stick-in-your-head level, they might just be getting the hit they want.

(It’s Not War) – Just the End of Love (LQ radio rip)

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  1. Stuart Otterson permalink
    30/07/2010 01:14

    Very ‘stick in your head’, but as you said very autopilot. It’s alright, but I’d rather be singing ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ when I see them live this October.

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