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August’s aural Viola treat – Traitor on the Inside


Last year’s August Viola released a cover as their monthly musical treat and the same is happening this August. Red Carpet were a Finnish indie troupé I can honestly say I’ve never heard of, but Viola did and love them so much that they’ve now covered their “Traitor on the Inside”. The original, fully streamable from Last.FM, is a rather nice jangle-heavy pop tune which Viola have turned into the more electronic form suited for them. The leisured tone of the original has been changed into a healthy helping of additional sense of drama that would’ve sounded perfect on Pet Shop Boys’ Disco 3.

MP3: Traitor on the Inside

As an additional sidenote, Rambling Fox has been a bit quiet for a few weeks but that’s because I’m on a holiday and I’m not good enough with laptops to do anything constructive with one. There’s a healthy backlog of intended update ideas ready to be written when I return!

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