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More new CMX


How convenient! I’m in the middle of writing a CMX retrospective and all of a sudden I get a twitter notification that the band have released a new song from their upcoming album Iäti for free streaming.

The recording concept for Iäti is stripping the sound from all sorts of additional faff: no synths, no prog-isms, no metal riffage, no filters, no layers upon layers, no effects, etc etc. The new single “Linnunrata”, listenable here, continues the same line that the previous single “Sateenkaaren pää” did – honest band playing, no strings attached. It’s simply strong melodies following eachother in a row. It’s also more exciting than the rather baseline CMX rocker “Sateenkaaren pää”, but I suppose I’m just a sucker for big, anthemic boldness. It’s recognisably and undeniably CMX in a very lovely way.

The band have also unveiled the album’s cover, seen right there, and the tracklist for Iäti.

Tune in the nearby future for this site for a two-part retrospective on the life of this band in case you want to know just what the hell I’m talking about here!

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