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That’s another album to add to the wishlist (B&S related)


Belle & Sebastian are one of those groups I love in theory but their albums tend to be a bit too focused on being saccharinely wussy, which is all lovely in itself but they seem to forget to write tunes and think they can live only on that little feel. Or at least, that’s what their career was like before 2003’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Waitress saw them up the ante, lush out the instrumentation, boost the production and drag a massive bunch of fantastic pop songs in the studio, creating one of those rare albums where you start singing along in a happy bliss on your very first listen of the album. The 2006 follow-up The Life Pursuit then went one better and offered an even better album. It’s a dynamic duo that’s one of the best one-two indie pop punches of the previous decade.

I wasn’t too fussed about the upcoming new album Write About Love before but I heard a few of its songs today (kudos to that groovy webcast a few days in the past) and in particular “I Didn’t See It Coming” instantly reminded me of why exactly I adore those two albums so.

Hopefully this’ll be another autumn treat.

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