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Viola’s October Awesome – La Formule Du Bonheur


Literally alliterating ‘o’ in English so that it makes sense is freaking impossible, I tells ya.

After last month’s foray into the 80’s, Viola leap a decade forward and bring back all the good memories from the 90’s chillout craze. The duo already namecheck Enigma in their blog post and thus save me the trouble. And if you didn’t guess it from the title, a fair bit of it’s in French. Trust me, it works.

I’ve been bit of a critic when it comes to Viola’s decision to stop releasing albums and just release random things every month (with what me being a filthy album-centric rockist-whatever bastard) but it’s cases like these where the approach justifies itself perfectly. Would a 90’s-pastiche sung partially in French fit into any sort of album you could imagine the duo recording based on their discography before last year? No, of course not. But because the duo is  free of such restraints they are completely free to release something utterly random like this, and giving the light of day to something great isn’t really anything you can complain about.

And in case you didn’t gather it from that, it’s a damn good song. Maybe it’s my 90’s-fetishism talking but it’s my blog and my musical kinks.

MP3: La Formule Du Bonheur

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