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Some stuff about the new CMX album


Here’s the thing: I outright refuse to do any sort of deep, well-thought-out review on Iäti, the new CMX album. The thing with about 90% of the CMX albums is that I’ve never liked them on the first listen. Or perhaps even after a week. Pretty much all have felt lacklustre and incoherent for a noticable period after first getting in touch of them. There are three exceptions: Vainajala sounded good already on the first listen, Dinosaurus Stereophonicus‘ second disc sounded great at the first listen but the first disc grinded my gears, and Isohaara sounded really good during the initial period but since then has fallen to the more lacklustre side. The general trend is that no matter how much I love the album now, it never sounded anything like that at first.

In short, I’ve been listening to Iäti for about a week now and that simply isn’t a long enough time for a proper opinion to form on a new CMX album.

But here’s what I have so far!

  • Let’s be blunt and cut to the chase shall we? At the moment Iäti is standing as standard-good. Tis not really all that great but quite frankly there’s very little I can complain either. It’s got plenty of good songs but very few of them stand above any of the others, or even act as major discography notables. It’s a good album. Full stop. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • But it is a good album. It’s also one of their most straightforward albums to date, with a decidedly simpler and less convoluted approach. 3-5 minute rock songs which find their heads in choruses and with surprisingly understandable lyrics instead of Yrjänä’s usual tangled-up poetry. Good thing, bad thing? I don’t know. It has its perks in the sense that it’s a pretty direct hitter but at the same time that quirkiness that’s inherent to the band is missing.
  • But I’m still enjoying it. There’s a power to straightforwardness that you sometimes forget when you’re busy dwelling in layered, textured realms of atmospheric faffle. Like take the lead single “Sateenkaaren pää”. Simple rocker. Nothing too special and initially I felt it was a bit of a too generic CMX rocker. But that bass is awesome and that chorus kicks ass. And really, that can be enough. You don’t need fancy noodling if you’ve just got a solid base to have fun with. This pretty much applies to most of Iäti. It may not be the most enlightening thing you’ve heard this year but there’s an inate sense of relaxed, loose fun to a lot of its songs (no matter the subject matter). It’s thoroughly enjoyable.
  • It also makes for a very nice soundtrack for the bright, sunny yet crisp and cool autumn mornings.
  • And there’s “Linnunrata”. A big pop song that at first you feel like calling a bit formulaic but god, isn’t it just freaking beautiful? It’s probably the ur-example of the basis of Iäti – the songs might not sound like the most inventive or unique in the band’s career but crikey, there’s a genuine element of something rather good in most of them.
  • “Taistele” is rather cool too.
  • And to go back to the point of never really having CMX albums hit me at first – Iäti actually did work fairly alright to me on the first listen. I mean it wasn’t in the state of “rather good actually” as it is now but I didn’t have the usual “man, half the album’s just awkward and feh” that I usually get. Which either means that I’ve grown to the band’s antics more or we’re getting the Isohaara-effect again. Hopefully not!


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