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Two really rather good songs


There’s this band called Delay Trees and their self-titled debut album is raising up some great press in Finland at the moment. They’re giving out two songs on their website for free, called About Brothers and Cassette 2012. They are, rather frankly, quite very good indeed. A definite must for anyone who likes some pretty hazey atmosphere and pretty sparkling guitar melodies.

Every Christmas I ask Santa Claus for an album that I’ve not heard at all, and that album will always become my Special Christmas Album that’ll tide me over the holiday season, the bright snowy days full of glistening sunniness and the dark nights spent chilling out in candlelight (cinnamon scented candles are a must) and enjoying the peace of the night as you listen to some lovely music and nom on choccies. I have now decided that Delay Trees shall be that album this year. This will of course completely screw over my yearly top 10 albums list which traditionally will be released in December, meaning that in case Delay Trees The Album turns out to be Splendid it’ll get unfairly tossed out of that list in this non-retroactively updating blogosphere.

I’m sure I’ll be able to talk about my FOOLISHNESS afterwards though.

In the meantime, check out those two songs as they really are Rather Great. Especially About Brothers. That song is a ‘bangin choon’ as we say here in the Britsland (not really).

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