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A thing I’d really love to see (Moby-centric)


A compilation album of all the freebie tracks Moby released sometime between the Hotel and Last Night eras and all the ones that never saw the light of online download day.

In short, there was a point shortly after the shiny-rocky Hotel that Moby decided for whatever reason to regularly release ambient/minimal electro songs freely online, chucking them on his myspace with little warning and just telling peeps to get ’em. If you allow me to put my speculation hat on, it was probably the result of some leftover residue from the inspiration behind Hotel Ambient, the original ambient (duh) material bonus disc that the limited edition of Hotel came with. They’re really, really good too which is the great part. The sort of excellent, rhythmic ambient stuff that’s wonderful to zone out to.

I’ve got five of them – “And Again”, “Go Awry”, “Nov 9 2005”, “Santiago Chile 905″ and Symple” – and I’ve probably missed out some that was given at the time. But here those five are compiled. I know “Go Awry” is available on Moby Gratis (his free music for filmmakers project) these days but man, all this needs to be compiled into something cohesive one day.

Download: Moby freebies


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