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Giraffe pop! Finally!



Kirahvi nimeltä Tuike are a demo band I’ve been keeping my sights on for quite a long time now. They’ve definitely got something unique to them – whimsical, colourful pop songs decorated with lyrics about heroic animals and their wild adventures, splattered with loads of bright melodies and cool guitar licks. It’s like every awesome cartoon theme tune you’ve ever known formed into a band. They’re named “Giraffe Called Twinkle”, fer chrissakes. How awesome is that?

And now they’re finally releasing their long-awaited debut album! Lehtipeitteen suojelijat will be released at the end of next month and it’s now available for preorder. Looking at the tracklist, many of the songs the band have released before have made it to the tracklist – which is only a good thing, because songs like “Lennon” and “Tulikettu” are certified greatness. The good ol’ landmark track Mei has found a new name in “Kaikki pienet koirat” and acts as the single for the album, sounding as good as ever.

Four of the songs are streamable from Myspace. Take a while to immerse yourself into the magic of giraffe pop!


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