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Viola’s November Niceness – Astromelancholia


One can never tell what happens to songs between the first conception of their nuclei and when they’re labeled as “done”.

Said by Viola themselves in the letter describing their latest once-a-month song “Astromelancholia”. They’ve been hyping up November’s song as dramatic, melodramatic, etc and hinted about it in the vein of last year’s autumnal Viola depression or their other heartbreaking ballads (or at least that’s the impression I got) but as it turns out to be, Astromelancholia reaches to the stars and galaxies and supernova-showers everyone with wistful beauty. Unlike its name states it’s not particularly melancholy – it’s definitely got a tinge of sadness but this isn’t the sort of blues that wallows in introspection. This glitters and glimmers with tearful beauty in an epic arch of drama.

It really does seem that Viola’s 2010 is majorly picking up during its latter half. Can’t wait for December now.

MP3: Astromelancholia

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