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National songspam


I know it’s my blog and it’s a blog that is focused entirely on me speaking my opinion on whatever musical things appear at any time in my head, but nonetheless I do a fair bit of self-censoring because 1) I like to deliver content that’s enjoyable to read rather than content that’s forgettable and 2) because I don’t want to oversaturate this place with posts about the same artist over and over again. Which is, quite frankly, why I’ve talked precisely nothing about The National outside one “Flint goes through all their albums” kind of post. If I blurted out everything that came to my head about them, I’d not only have a blog spammed up with The National crap but that crap would be cringeworthy gushing that’d be painful to read.

The reason for this is that during this year, The National has grown from a band I love quite a bit and who blurted out one of my all-time favourites with Boxer to a band that’s become a massively personally important Big Deal for me who have blurted out two of my all-time favourites with Boxer and High Violet – the latter has been playing in my players repeatedly ever since its release earlier this year and it’s formed a connection that very few albums do in a person’s life. Musical bonding, one could say. And thus the band has not only become somewhat of a lifeline who’s there thick and thin, but they’re an act where every few weeks or so I get obsessed with a specific song which I keep repeating endlessly. So far I’ve managed to resist posting a new entry about each obsession every time it happens.

But here’s where I cave in and here’s where I post 10 songs that have become a part of my deep musical consciousness, because I feel like I got to. You may notice it’s a bit Boxer and High Violet heavy – not to discredit the other albums at all, but in the end there’s a difference between great albums and greatest of all time albums.

So anyway, sorry for not being very wordy this time or very interesting. I just want to share some songs for a moment.

Fake Empire

Where it all started for me. This song was the first National song that grabbed me. It’s still one of my very favourites.

Afraid of Everyone


The Geese of Beverly Road

This once turned up during a late-night bus drive through the urban metropolis of Manchester. For five minutes everything was at perfect harmony. We’re the heirs to the glimmering world…

Terrible Love

Gets shivers running everytime. To explain why would be pointless – it’s all about resonance and that’s all subjective. High Violet is an utter fucker to talk about because I genuinely have no words for it. It’s just that goddamn personal.

Mistaken for Strangers

Most of the songs I post here are low-tempo melancholy/broody things. It’s just how I roll. They’re a great rock band too, and this is proof. Also that small keyboard part that sneakily enters at the last chorus is a brilliant showcase of how small additions can make a world of difference.


So simple, so straightforward, yet so hauntingly excellent. And ridiculously addictive.

So Far Round the Bend

Speaking of addictive… this is one of those earworms that will lodge in your head forever. And always sound brilliant.

Lucky You

You know when you’ve got an album and you’ve listened to it countless times, and then on listening time #countless+1 a song that has never massively stood out all of a sudden sounds like the greatest thing on record. Yeah, this is that.

Slow Show

No words.

About Today

The latest love affair. They tend to stretch this song to around 8 minutes whenever they play it live. 8 minutes of sheer perfection.

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