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Viola’s January Jubilation – Newest Hottest Whatever


Happy new year!

Before we move onto the mandatory yearly top tens, watchlists and such that come with each January, let’s start the month traditionally with another Viola song. Another new picture too.

To cork off the new year champagne bottle, we’re getting more dance-Viola – one of my favourite sides of the band. “Newest Hottest Whatever” is a stomper sure of itself, sounding like it wants to take control of the dancefloor as soon as it enters the fray. The best part are the vicious, electrifying guitar stabs that make their appearances on the choruses: one of those cases where an electric guitar sounds like the machine it is and which suits the song’s hard-hitting groove to a T.

On the goodness scale it rates somewhere around rather excellent and hell yes, in case you were wondering. So a rather swell start to a year then.

MP3: Newest Hottest Whatever

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