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Late Night Tales: Rambling Fox edition


I like to make mixtapes and compilations. I never really release them anywhere because I’m too lazy to ever actually go beyond the tracklisting stage, to actually compile the thing. Tonight I passed that obstacle and made something which you can download here. Inspired by the Late Night Tales compilation series where musicians make their own mixtapes for late night chillouts I’ve decided to do something with a similar premise, tying myself with a strict 1-“disc” limit so as to not make anything too sprawling. And thus, this fourteen-track compilation with the copyright-baiting name. Enjoy.


1.Guillemots – Little Bear
2.1 Giant Leap – The Way You Dream (feat. Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle)
3.Kings of Convenience – Homesick
4.Hotel Lights – A.M. Slow Golden Hit
5.Husky Rescue – Diamonds in the Sky
6.Doves – Firesuite
7.Faunts – Twenty-Three
8.Midlake – Bandits
9.Air – Photograph
10.Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed
11.David Usher – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
12.Sparklehorse – Morning Hollow
13.Jogeir Liljedahl – Galway = God
14.The Cardigans – 03.45: No Sleep

Total running time: 1h 15min

Download here

After the cut, some tiny ramblings about each track choice!

1.Guillemots – Little Bear (taken from Through the Windowpane)

I usually associate Little Bear with awakening – it’s been a soundtrack to many drowzy mornings. But it works rather well as an opener to a late night compilation as well: the orchestral beauty opens things perfectly and showcases the mood. It’s time to calm down.

2.1 Giant Leap – The Way You Dream (feat. Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle) (taken from 1 Giant Leap)

1 Giant Leap is one of those one-of-a-kind albums (bar its sequel, naturally), bringing together influences and artists all over the world to make magic with eachother. Two legends meet in this dreamy, Indian-flavoured transcendentally chilled-out float. Many a-nights have been spent with this song on repeat.

3.Kings of Convenience – Homesick (taken from Riot on an Empty Street)

Warm, acoustic sounds are one of my token things to seek when I get into the late night calm-down mood. Homesick is half about that. The other half is about those absolutely gorgeous vocal harmonies. It’s a comforting cuddle, in music form.

4.Hotel Lights – A.M. Slow Golden Hit (taken from Hotel Lights)

The name says it all. The song is about the feeling of turning on your radio and hearing those golden classics that always sound so friendly and familiar. The song itself sounds the same from the very first listen. Allow me to wax poetic but I’ve always associated this song with road trips through the very wee hours of the morning: home’s somewhere far away, you’re the only car for miles on the dark road and your company is your radio, playing classics to nod your head along to wearily, and finding some sort of tranquility from all that.

5.Husky Rescue – Diamonds in the Sky (taken from Ghost Is Not Real)

This is a similar late night/early morning road trip song in my head. At least this time the lyrics themselves bring out that notion. A soft, tight groove to lean on. Thick with atmosphere and serenity.

6.Doves – Firesuite (taken from Lost Souls)

A rather atypical song from Doves, who used this instrumental jam to open their debut album. It’s all about atmosphere and that gentle groove that takes you through it, building and building before sighing its one last breath. It’s a special kind of lounging thing. Perfect for here.

7.Faunts – Twenty-Three (taken from High Expectations/Low Results)

9-minute glide through space. Star clusters on your right, a sunrise of a distant galaxy on your left.

8.Midlake – Bandits (taken from The Trials of Van Occupanther)

Acoustic sounds and vocal harmony heaven, vol 2: the full band edition.

9.Air – Photograph (taken from Pocket Symphony)

Underrated album, this. I can see why most people call it boring – it’s the same tempo, same sound throughout the 50 minutes or so it plays. But I’ve always found it a perfect album to zone out to. It’s relaxing; peaceful. Photograph arguably condenses the album perfectly into four minutes. Beware: thick French accents and awkward lyrics ahead.

10.Death Cab for Cutie – Brothers on a Hotel Bed (taken from Plans)

Due to the +2 hour difference between UK and Finland, whenever I fly back to my home land I tend to arrive somewhere in the evening or night. What started from one innocent listen turned into a tradition: my late-night bus back to my old house is always soundtracked by the atmospheric, weary Plans. Through that it’s become one of my favourite albums ever. This is one of my favourite songs on it. It’s the sound of coming home, even if the song itself is about far less happier things.

11.David Usher – If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (taken from Hallucinations)

I have no idea of David Usher beyond this track, one which I downloaded all those years ago simply because it’s a cover of one of my very favourite songs ever. Naturally, it’s not as amazing as the Manic Street Preachers original, but its electronic backbone and weary (there’s that word again) filtered vocals make it a perfect late night song. It’s a great take on a fantastic song.

12.Sparklehorse – Morning Hollow (taken from Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain)

Speaking of weary voices. Linkous excelled in this sort of fragile, dreamy beauty that sounds gutwrenchingly melancholy yet manages to turn it optimistic. Like a depressed man smiling genuinely for the first time in ages. Rest in peace, Linkous.

13.Jogeir Liljedahl – Galway = God (taken from ????)

This one requires some explanation. It’s a mashup of the legendary Martin Galway’s famous works – Galway is one of the classic composers of the chiptune Commodore 64 era and responsible for a lot of great tracks. Why this mashup is here is because it’s one of my ultimate late night songs. I ended up semi-accidentally listening to it on repeat during one sleepless summer night. I listened to it for hours and that almost hypnotic experience has now reserved its place in late night music compilations for good. It might be a mood breaker for those who do not share my associations (ie everyone else), but it’s my mixtape so thpp.
14.The Cardigans – 03.45: No Sleep (taken from Long Gone Before Daylight)

A lullaby for a sleepy head to go dream to. Last song of the night before the listener goes to rest. Much like Little Bear gently opened the album, this one closes it perfectly.

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