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New Moby thoughts


I’m sure we’re all excited about the new Radiohead, Guillemots or Death Cab for Cutie album announcements (this week hasn’t even started properly and we’re already this busy!) but it’s the awesome mr Moby who has kindly given some songs to back his new album details. Looks like the acoustic/orchestral recording sessions have been left on the backburner, because the new album Destroyed (out sometime in May) is described as “broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 a.m”. My kind of music then. And if you head to you can grab a free sampler EP to tide over the wait.

So, time for a good ol ‘wot I think’

Regarding the lead single “Be the One“, it’s not the sort of thing that would first come into my mind from that description. It’s a bit too… aggressive for 2AM. It’s washed up in synths and other midnight-zoning out sounds but very lively and rather angry in its own held-back way. Last album’s “Shot in the Back of the Head” and “Mistake” ran through a “One Time We Lived”-filter. But it’s good. I like passive-aggressive angsty robotic Moby emoting semi-energetic synthy stuff. As a lead single it definitely catches attention. And I suppose that if you were to walk about in an empty city early in the morning while in a moody mood, it would sound right at its home.

Sevastopol” is a more traditionally Moby: the MobyStrings are present all over the track and its sunset dance anthem feel is very classically Moby-esque. Very reminiscent of the material on Play: The B-sides – a compilation I’ve always had a fancy towards. This might just be the best thing on the sampler. It may not break new ground all that much but it is damn good.

Victoria Lucas” is then the chill-out portion. The sort of music you can zone out to at 2am. A perky house piano hints it could lift off any moment but it takes a long while before a softly energetic beat appears. The track retains its inner calmness and cozy feel even with the new-found groove. It’s good.

3/3 good things. Works for me.

On a lengthier note, this is the sort of material I love from Moby. He’s a man with great many styles he operates under but there’s a few strains that are the closest to my heart. His ability to craft an atmosphere and let it float around or turn it into a dance anthem that sounds more at its home when listened to in a dark room with headphones rather than anywhere dancier is one of my favourite sides of his and looks like Destroyed is going to cater for that side once again – I’m very happy and excited. What’s even more exciting is that 2009’s Wait for Me was a  turning point for the artist himself, the first album in years that he – according to his own words – wrote for himself rather than trying to fit the superstar mould and suit everyone else’s expectations. It showed, as Wait for Me was his best work since the legendary Play. So if he can keep  that spirit up, we’re in for another great treat.


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