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Quick and short Guillemots-related stuff I feel like I must share


Basically, this is rather ace:

The official lead single for the new album is called “The Basket” and based on one (1) listen of it through a radio stream, it didn’t capture me all that strongly. It sounded swell enough but didn’t really make me yearn for the album. Admittedly, it had a few things against it – for one, Guillemots are a band with golden ears and a gorgeous attention to detail in production and The Basket pretty much sounded like a song with an immense sound world full of details which then got brutally raped by the low-quality internet radio stream. Its debut play was also surrounded by Zane Lowe which is never a particularly complimenting thing to anything. So I’m not damning it yet. No sir.

But this, this preview track they’re dealing for free for the fun of it – this is just all kinds of amazing. Love the force, love the details, love the slow build and eventual climaxing, love it. And it’s got a nicely atmospheric video to go with it, to boot.


You can dl the song from here but it requires you to have access to some sort of social network so the site can spam your feed with a “dl this” message before you can actually grab it. Worth it tho.

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