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Hip-hop interlude: Oneirology


Hip-hop isn’t really a subject I feel confident about rambling extensively. It’s a genre I quite like but it’s also one I’m really really picky with and as you may have noticed from the past content on this site, it doesn’t constitute a massive chunk of my listening habits. I’ve done my history studies and such but my skim through the canon and context has been fairly superficial, and there isn’t really anything cringier than a person talking about something when they don’t really have any idea about that something. So no overlong essays this time, instead quick and simple facts.

CunninLynguists are more or less my favourite hip-hop related thing going on. Granted, their name is absolutely awful and makes them sound like a bunch of idiots but the complete opposite is true – their albums are delicately crafted and really focus on creating a cohesive, fantastic experience. They’re regularly consistent and so far more or less everything they’ve done has been excellent. The new album, Oneirology, came out a tad ago and it continues the same path of victory. The deep, atmospheric production is back, the sample work is brilliant as usual and the group still has the best rap frontmen I’ve heard. Fittingly enough for a concept album about dreams, Oneirology is a dreamy album – the sort of sound you can sink and zone into, letting the immacutely crafted production move all around you. In many places, it’s a beautiful album and whilst I’m no expert, beauty isn’t something I often associate with hip-hop.

Just this once, I’ll let the music do the talking instead of me.

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