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Videowatch: April ’11


I like music videos. It’s one of the things not directly related to the songs themselves that I love obsessing about in music, alongside physical singles and promo pics. Because Rambling Fox isn’t a news service, I rarely post “NEW VIDDY” updates, and because sometimes I realise a video has been out for weeks but I’ve been too blind to realise, but I’ve been thinking that I somewhat enjoy the concept of such things so I’m going to start throwing concentrated mini-rambles of the videocal (yes) offerings (and their musical side) in certain time spaces. This time, it’s the insanely packed April + a few from the very late days of March for the fun of it.


The idea behind Kate’s Director’s Cut album is rather fascinating, to say the least, and I’m eager to hear how she’s been tinkering with her back catalogue. The rejigged version of Deeper Understanding has gained a bit of a mixed reception thanks to its chorus and the rather heavy vocoder in it. Which works, in my opinion. It adds an intriguing element to the song, something a bit otherwordly that goes together with the heavy atmosphere of the rest of the song – and it fits the song’s concept. What I’m not so overtly won over by is the extended ending and the weird pseudo-jam stuck to the end which is a bit… pointless. Deeper Understanding is one of my favourite Kate songs and I doubt the new version’s ever going to become the definitive cut, but I can easily see it living comfortably alongside the old one.

And if you’ve ever wanted to see Cracker assault Vince Noir, this video fulfills your desires. Generally enjoyable too. I’ve always liked the somewhat cinematic touch Kate’s videos have had throughout the years and it’s showing up here again in a great way.


I’m feeling slightly uneasy over the new Death Cab for Cutie album. The idea of “less rock guitars, more interesting sound things” sounds incredibly exciting, but so far none of the songs I’ve heard have vouched me that something great is coming this way. You Are a Tourist is the one I like the most out of the three I’ve heard, and even it’s not exactly setting my heart alight. It’s a nice little pop/rocker with an admittedly nice guitar riff but… that’s it really. Plus the lyrics are terribly tepid and generic, which is bizarre coming from Gibbard who’s a fantastic lyricist.

Impressive video though. Single-take thing, which is always interesting to see. Maybe not the greatest single-take video I’ve seen but enjoyable to watch nonetheless. Anyone else think Gibbard looks like Jim Carrey?


The most single-screaming song on the new Elbow album gets a single release, as predicted by pretty much everyone. You could easily throw accusations of Open Arms sounding a bit like a typical audience-rattling Glastonbury torchlight moment thing, and yeah, I could see where they come from. But it is a rather enjoyable song and actually carries a some nice warm heart to it – much thanks to Garvey. I’m not sure it’ll get the masses as excited as “One Day Like This” did, but it’s definitely got a better video. Animated videos are a great thing and possibly the greatest thing in the Open Arms one is how it takes the artwork style Elbow albums have now been sporting for two albums and makes it come alive in a rather lovely fashion.


For all its pristine visuals, I’m not really feeling the video for Moby’s new lead single. The song itself is really good and bodes very well for next month’s Destroyed. But for all the professional actors, fancy CGI and elaborate ideas, the video just doesn’t really do anything for me. I personally would’ve been more pleased with just watching Moby in his suit for three and a half minutes but maybe that’s just my MobyCrush playing part here. Nice, but not one to really remember. Great song though.


The addition of film clip that so many soundtrack song music videos have and that so few integrate well with the rest of the video is a slight hindrance but I can forgive it perfectly because of those damn fine band shots. Simple, but absolutely stylish and just looks fantastic and atmospheric. It’s just a little lighting tricks and video playing in background but man, it looks great.

The song is pretty much as perfect as anything else the band’s released this era. Amazing.


Fairly obvious and logical choice for the second single from the somewhat disappointing new album. Some of the bandshots look fine but overall it’s not a fairly exciting video, and the plot parts draw your attention to the second rate Springsteen lyrics which probably isn’t the best thing.


Great song, crap video.

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