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A short chronology of The Writer’s relationship to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way


1) Well this is a bit shit. And a major disappoinment from someone who felt like a breathe of fresh air with killer pop songs around The Fame Monster.

2) Well there’s a few really good songs here, shame there’s such a heavy amount of generic faffle.

3) Well, actually, half of this seems quite nice indeed. A couple of really great songs too.

4) *deletes the third attempt to write a coherent review about the album after realising during another listen that his opinion’s changed again*

5) It’s a bit clusterfucky. She takes herself too seriously and the social commentary is hamfisted as hell. It’s overlong. There’s some ridiculously bad loudness war issues here. One of its best songs is a bonus track. The title track continues to be really, really awkward. But for heaven’s sake, despite all that, I’m still finding this very enjoyable.

Flint’s special BANGIN TUNE picks: Scheiße / Judas / Heavy Metal Lover / Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (worst name ever but DAYMN those disco strings) / Government Hooker / Americano.

That is all + apologies for bullet point fetishism.

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