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Delay Trees have a new EP out (for zero galactic credits)


I don’t normally do news announcement posts (because quite frankly there’s so many other, better sources for music news that it’s pretty much pointless for one hobby-based randomly updating random blog by a random guy to pretend it’s delivering brand new information) but I might as well do one here: last year’s rising stars Delay Trees have released a new EP titled Before I Go Go and it’s entirely free to download. Five songs of hazily dreamy melodic indie rock thingy for zero currency units is quite a brilliant deal. Highlights are the slowly brooding almost-title track and the instrumental opener “Uni15” which is all sorts of gorgeousness.

On a more retrospective note, the band’s self-titled debut has grown from “rather good” to “rather very very good” in my books, once again proving the old notion that one should never ever write a proper THIS IS MY OPINION article about any album ever until at least half a year after it’s been released (which also explains why most things here are categorised as ‘rambles’ and only select few ever get ‘reviews’, the former being my way of noting that it’s more akin to first impressions/not fully realised opinions). In any case, if the EP grabs your fancy you might as well check the album because there’s so much great material there. Definitely a very promising debut.

And seeing as there’s no video links for any of the EP songs, let us enjoy the debut album’s already-classic “About Brothers” once again. Brilliant.

Get the EP here.

Delay Trees “About Brothers” from Friendly Fire Recordings on Vimeo.

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