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Once a year wasn’t enough, because it’s time for more Violastep. Which is all ok in my books because despite dubstep being one of those music fads that my little mind cannot ever begin to comprehend, Viola dilute it with enough good to make it work. Actually I wouldn’t really say “Informageddon” is all that dubsteppy despite what its description says, but you’d be mad to trust me with describing genres accurately anyway.

ANYWAY. This one harbours an excellent chorus. That high-pitch, sparkling guitar melody that pops up in the choruses is a great match against the hard-hitting, dark and gloomy backdrop. To wax poetic, it’s the moment when the darkness is offset by sudden light and colour and everything turns rather gorgeous for a moment, before withdrawing back to the gloom where it all began. This is a pretentious way of saying it is all rather good.

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