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re: monthly Viola news


If you’re a regular reader (hi! thank you!), you might’ve noticed I tend to start each month with a mini-review of a new Viola song. This hasn’t now happened in two months. What started as an accidental schedule slip has now become a conscious decision and I feel like I should give a little explanation for this; if only because I know that Viola themselves have an eye set on this little corner of the internet.

1) The tradition of informing people of a new Viola release each month dates back to Indie Paws, the previous blog I worked on with a bunch of friends. IP was our attempt at a source of both opinions and news; RFox on the other hand has from the get-go been solely an opinion piece, an outlet for me to chat about what I think about stuff for my own pleasure. The way I see it, if you’re a music fan you honestly do not need some random twerp on the internet relaying the exact same piece of news that everyone else is doing, including the major music news networks. While a new Viola song isn’t (yet) such massively huge news on the net, it’s always felt a bit awkward to act as a news outlet on this matter and nothing else. Which is where you could come with the angle that I could just present my opinion on them but…

2) but it’s really, really hard to form coherent, rational opinions as soon as the song’s been pushed out of the oven. Some songs which have sounded great have felt a bit less spectacular after a few months; similarly songs that I somewhat half-arsedly listened to and reviewed on the day have become genuine highlights when I’ve actually given them the time they deserve. Pushing out instant opinions has never been my thing: hence why you frequently have reviews and rambles on things that appeared months, sometimes even years ago here.

So, basically, the decision I’ve made is this: not going to bother with monthly news broadcasts, everyone knows the deal fully well already. Instead, I’m going to focus on periodical reviews after I’ve actually had the time to focus on things. I’ll be pulling out a yearly review in mid/late December like I did last year, but starting from next year I might do bi-yearly review roundtables. They’re more fun to do, I can actually talk about stuff, etc.

I realise no one probably cares about this but I thought I’d give it an explanation rather than just randomly not talk about things I’ve been talking about for the past x years.

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