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Okay, so I am going to post one more beginning-of-month Viola post


Though I wish I didn’t have to.

“”So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night”

There’s a time and place for everything and our time has come to put this project aside for the time being.

Starting next year we will be some thousand miles apart from each other so making music as Viola will be quite difficult for now. Still, we wanted to bring the third calendar year of Viola Music Club to completion.

This is not definitely the end of Viola. We might surprise ourselves and you by suddenly activating ourselves at some point of time, but that’s all in the unforeseeable future for now.

So with a song we bid you adieu.”

Oh for sod’s sake, I only just got over R.E.M. splitting up and now I have to get used to months without new Viola songs?

The official goodbye song has been posted on the website. Thoughts about it will follow when I do my end-of-year Viola roundup. Thoughts about the whole thing in general will probably be there too.

Have a great future whatever it is you’re doing next, guys!

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