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Videowatch: November


Moby, Moby, Moby…


Moby is gracing us with more than one video this month after his poll asking for fans to choose the next single off this year’s Destroyed ended with a tie, leading to a double A-side. Once again (he already chose the last single the same way) my choice for the next single evades the coveted status (it’s “Blue Moon”, obviously) but “After” is a good choice as well. It certainly sounds different from what your usual Moby single sounds, catches your ear the very instant you first hear it and is catchy enough for radio play. The video seemingly features the two kids from the cover of M83′s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming trapped in Black Mesa or something while someone’s managed to leave a baby on the computer table, causing our heroes to run through the plant to get the damn thing off the switches and buttons before it breaks everything and presumably blows up the place. Which isn’t a bad theme for a video really.


November’s second Moby treat gives us an incredibly passionate karaoke performance. I’m a bit in two minds about the choice of the slowly grooving “The Right Thing” as a single – it’s a good song and I can understand why someone would think it makes a good single, but I don’t find it stand-out enough to really make a proper impact in its intended, commercial way. But it is a lovely little slow-burner nonetheless, starring some smoky souled-out vocals and a lovely bassline. Plus, for some reason, I really like the video. It’s not really a great thing in itself perhaps but it nails down the mood of the song excellently and has enough of an intrigue thanks to all the sidestories to make you keep watching.


Noah and the Whale release their five-hundreth-and-sixty-eight video off their slightly disappointing style-switcher Last Night on Earth and quite frankly I’m really surprised about it. I realise that in this digital age single releases mean basically sod all but the amount of them still usually showcases to some degree whether the album has been a success (ie larger single numbers -> more striking when the iron’s hot), and the fact that this album keeps spewing out singles must mean it’s at least something of a minor hit. Which catches me by surprise because I’ve heard nothing about it after its release and it generally seems to have left public consciousness fairly soon after “LIFEGOESON” stopped being in the charts. But it must’ve done something right to receive yet another single. Alternatively, considering most of these single releases have amounted to little else than designating a selected song as a single and releasing a low-budged video for it, they might just be chucking them out for the sheer hell of it. In less grumpy news, “Give It All Back” is a single release that should’ve been one at least two songs ago due to having one of the best choruses of the entire album and thus I happily welcome its arrival. Its video isn’t half-bad either! Sure, it takes the predictably literal (and slightly corny) path of enacting the song’s lyrics on screen but hey, it kinda works for a song that was a bit cheesy in a heartwarming way to begin with. As a bonus, Charlie Fink actually looks animated and happy for once rather than looking like a statue with a bitter frown forever installed upon his face.


Speaking of correct single choices! Very glad that the RHCP management didn’t go with the rumoured “Ethiopia” and instead opted for the album’s stand-out highlight. It may not be a flawless album, but that disco’d up chorus is sheer brilliance. The video isn’t as great as the song might deserve but does its job well nonetheless. It might not be the most memorable entry in the band’s rather memorable video catalogue, but it’s entertaining enough to bear watching and is definitely hell of a lot better than the lazy and corny rooftop gig one they did for the last single.

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