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Videowatch: February


It’s only a day late SHEESH HAVE SOME PATIENCE okay I forgot.


More beautiful, hazy, dreamy loveliness from Bonny Bear. The jangly gorgeousness of “Towers” nicely complements the waking of spring that’s happening right now: temperature’s rising again, the sun is showing its face and the utterly lovely melodic frolic of this song works like a charm for that. The video mixes together the mindscrewiness of the “Calgary” video and the natural beauty of the “Holocene” video. It works rather well.


I just don’t get the humongous appeal of “Charlie Brown”. Even people who normally shrug at Coldplay seem to like it and everyone’s been saying it’s the one massive hit in waiting on the album ever since it made its debut live appearance. And I… find it thoroughly alright? It’s the most obvious Coldplay song there could be (and this is a band who is fairly obvious about what they do to begin with) and seems more like a checklist of typical Coldplay elements that are ticked one by one. Yes the chorus has the WOW SO BIG AND EUPHORIC feel going on for it but it doesn’t feel genuine. If a machine were told to compose a Coldplay song, this’d be the result. It’s far from unenjoyable but for a song that aims to be so epic and euphoric, it feels incredibly flat and unexciting.

Not a bad video though. I’m admittedly pretty easily charmed by pretty light shows, but it makes the song sound a bit better.


James Mercer is a downright genius when it comes to melodies and hooks. He’s the king of indie pop when it comes to this stuff. Each song he does is packed full with so many genuinely fantastically delightful melodic moments that it’s almost a case of sensory overload when your brain can’t decide which hook it wants to attach to the most. This innate talent had always been brooding there but it only came to full glory on Wincing the Night Away and if “Simple Song” is anything to judge from, Port of Morrow is going to be just as excellent. “Simple Song” does not make much of a fuss about itself (as modest as its title) but the further it goes the more delightful it gets. It’s an absolute charmer and genuine indie pop brilliance, and I cannot wait to hear more of where it came from. And as a cherry on top, its video is the best of the month! Amusing, sentimental and utterly delightful: it’s quite the lovely thing and suits the song to a T.

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