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Sometimes you just want to talk about a single song


Because sometimes a random single song can be just as exciting as a full new release from that band you love. Recently, for me, that kind of song has been The 2 Bears‘s “Church”.

I’m not actually a huge fan of the 2 Bears album, although that’s not really a slight against it either. I can see what Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip fame) and Raf Rundell have tried to do with it, and in many ways I admire it. It’s an album crafted with a lot of love and a big, big heart: a personal open love letter to something rather than simply just new music. It doesn’t however excite me nearly as much as it does its creators: it doesn’t do anything wrong, but it fails to strike up a connection of any kind with me. And that’s ok, even if a bit disappointing on a personal stance – for every single music listener, most albums in the world can be classed in that same category.

And then there’s “Church”, near the end of the album. It’s the sort of song that acts as a call for every person in the world to hold hands together and dance and rejoice with their fellow human beings. The combination of a soft dance beat mixes and a thick, dreamy organ with Rundell’s layman delivery of his down-to-earth lyrics about falling head over heels with someone (“together everywhere, we fit snug like hand in glove)”) is like an open huggle of a friend filled with acceptance and love. It’s a bit cheesy and a bit corny but utterly heartwarming and adorable. Shortly after the halfway marker the anthemic mantra makes its entrance. “Hey now hey now, let’s get up together”; repeated over and over again, ad infinitum, as more and more voices join the choir. If the song feels like a celebration of being a part of something wonderful, the mantra section is the joyous climax of that feeling.

“Church” is one of the best songs of the year and though it’s only March, I doubt it’ll lose that status over the course of the rest of the year.

As a bonus, the song’s official video is made entirely out of footage from the 80s Carebears cartoon, which is such a corny and somewhat lame decision that it actually flicks the meter right to the opposite end and becomes something genuinely rather cool and awesome. And really, what’s the best visual representation to the song’s latter half than a bunch of colourful teddybears partying and parading around with big smiles on their faces (bar Grumpy, obviously).

Speaking of Hot Chip, their new one is coming out this June and the first taster, Flutes, sounds immense even as a low-quality recording. Excited.

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