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A small Bee Gees-esque side note


I can’t say the news of Robin Gibb’s demise have particularly saddened me (not because it isn’t sad, of course it is), but Bee Gees have always had a place in my heart and I’ve a great respect for them even if I only love small bits and bobs of their discography. The songwriting skills, responsible for many genuine classics, and the gorgeous vocal harmonies are the obvious reason why that is, of course, but perhaps even more notably they’ve got a lot of nostalgic power to me. As a kid I remember being so captivated by the music in the adverts for their 2001 compilation Their Greatest Hits that I ended up actually getting the album, which I’ve played quite a lot during these years. And the reason I ever got that album to begin with was because my dad bought it for me as a surprise from the next shopping trip he went to after I briefly mentioned the music in the advert to him. I listen to miserypants music, video game soundtracks and artsy rock things, my dad listens to Swedish schlager and early British Invasion bands, and Bee Gees turned out to be one of the few musical loves we shared and could talk about. Even if he always preferred the 60s folk ballad stuff while I kept playing the disco hits over and over again in my bedroom.

In any case, this really is probably one of the greatest things ever written.

Thanks for all / RIP.

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