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Videowatch: May 2012

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My soulcrushingly busy, writing inspiration-murdering period will soon end and I’ve already got a bunch of topics lined up to write about when I get the chance/willpower. Before that, there’s May’s videos.


It’s got choreographed dancing, dancing monks, eggs with nipples surrounded by men straight from a chippendale act, charming pixel art, a random ghost, space travelers, horse-headed people, refined gentlemen hell-bent on summoning space people to form massive ying yang symbols to float over British soil, a rather charming band cameo that also gives the spotlight for this tour’s helping hands and the most wonderfully displeased frown you’ve seen. Really, what else can you ask for? Hot Chip have always been a brilliant videos band and Night & Day continues that tradition. Plus the song itself is not only a brilliant groove-shaker but the middle eight rap is one of the best musical moments of 2012 already. I DON’T GOT NO ABBA indeed.


On one hand, I’m really digging the way they seem to be building a cinematic story about the superpowered kids through this album’s videos. There’s something in that sort of connectivity that works for me, especially when it’s done in such a good way. And you can’t blame the production values – the video looks great, feels great, even works a bit with the music. And yet on the other hand, a part of me wishes these amazing, energetic, upbeat songs that make up M83’s latest singles run would get the sort of wonderfully joyous, energetic videos that would best match the songs themselves visually. So I’m slightly torn but keeping it positive. “Reunion” is no “Midnight City” but then again what is, and it’s certainly the next best thing on the album. Brilliant song.


The alternate video for the new PMMP song (which is still amazing btw) is essentially footage from promo photoshoot sessions turned into a clipshow video. I actually slightly prefer it to the rather eh original video; some of the settings and overall slightly disjointed feel of the footage works perfectly with the song’s tense feel. Only problem is that it’s basically just a bunch of clips turned into a video rather than a video composed from a bunch of clips. In other words, the music isn’t particularly reflected in the editing and it feels more like a random soundtrack choice than something that the video was made to support to begin with. With a little bigger bond between the sound and vision and you’d have something minimalistic but effective. Now, it’s just alright.

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