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Spend 30 minutes of your Sunday with a bunch of interludes


Because I’ve not done a mixtape for a while!

I’ve made note of this before but I’m a hopeless album nerd. I love my contexts, my cohesive structures, my intricately planned song flows and all that other faffle. That means I’m also open and accepting of interludes – those true signs that someone somewhere in the album structuring process is a nerd for this same kind of thing. Those small snippets of music that bind together parts of the album, that glue separate parts into one geeky whole. An unnecessary and pointless interlude is one of my big pet peeves, especially one that is simply an intro or outro clipped off its main song for no other reason than to bulk up the tracklisting, but at the same time a well-thought out interlude is a wonderful little thing when listening to the album as a whole, adding a little extra spicing into the flow.

Thus, and partly because I thought it would be incredibly amusing to make a compilation out of small snippets, I’ve taken 20 interludes I deem to be rather good and compiled them together into one channel-hopping ADHD snippet playlist. I went in with two guidelines: not to use any interludes that are chopped off intros, outros or reprises of earlier tracks, and that they had to be fairly short-ish so as not to balance between the border of an interlude and fully-fleshed out instrumental song. It’s a bit loose on said guidelines admittedly (there’s a few longer tracks that could arguably be proper songs and a few more obvious extended outros etc) but it nicely rounded the list of candidates into a pretty 20.

Check the playlist via Spotify here.


1.Depeche Mode – Lovetheme
2.Moby – Everything Is Wrong
3.Pet Shop Boys – God Willing
4.Sparklehorse – Box of Stars (part one)
5.M83 – Fountains
6.The Ark – Interlude
7.Red Hot Chili Peppers – Pretty Little Ditty
8.Viola – Ideal Rainbow
9.Midlake – The Reprimand
10.Electric President – Adrift in Space, or Whatever
11.The Boy Least Likely To – Warm Panda Cola
12.John Frusciante – Helical
13.Modest Mouse – Interlude (Milo)
14.Eels – Dusk: A Peach in the Orchard
15.Guillemots – And If All…
16.Noah and the Whale – Instrumental II
17.R.E.M. – Zither
18.Grandaddy – Oxygen/Aux Send
19.Antony & the Johnsons – Free at Last
20.Laura Marling – Crawled Out of the Sea (Interlude)

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