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Videowatch: June 2012


Big budget summer blockbuster productions!


If we’re honest, the first thing that came to my mind when watching the video was whether the shameless mish-mashing of various Eastern cultures is deliberate or ignorantly accidental. The second thing is that boy, you just don’t see money being chucked into film like this often in our little Videowatch. One of the world’s biggest bands collaborates with one of the world’s largest pop starlets and the results are what you’d expect. I’m actually slightly conflicted whether it’s a bit too much or whether it works with the larger-than-life desires of the song in question. And as a cherry on top, they’ve somehow managed to pull the miracle of making Chris Martin oddly attractive (them clothes, man).

The song itself continues to be one of the three noteworthy moments on the last Coldplay album. It’s pop as hell but I’m liking it, cheers.


I quickly touched upon this song on the article about the album, but to reiterate: such a lovely, perky, joyous sounding song, but one with rather dark lyrics delivered in an almost airheadedly nonchalant/upbeat fashion. Tried and tested combination that works once again – great hooks, great delivery, great lyrics and a chorus to die for. The video looks so cheap and uneventful compared to what it’s being bookended with in this entry, but I for one prefer this over the other two. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for these smaller-scale Finnish music videos; they may not have epic adventures but they have a lot of heart. Even when they look like they’ve been shot through Instagram.

Am I the only one who thinks this song channels this Leevi & The Leavings classic pretty openly?


The choice to make this song a single puzzles me. Sure, it’s catchy and anthemic and what have you that works nicely on the radio. It’s also chopped to oblivion for radio consumption (two whole minutes gone), the band’s barely played the song live and somehow the idea of a tribute to a deceased friend being turned into a radio friendly unit shifter feels awkward to me. Especially when there would’ve been better single choices on the album that wouldn’t have needed to be edited so brutally. The video itself has that typical big budget American mainstream rock video feel – the attempt at theatricality, the moody visuals, the rock band posing, etc. It works for this particular song and, admittedly, seeing it in this setting was the first time I actually found myself thinking they might have had some clue about choosing Brendan’s Death Song as a single. It’s not a particularly supermemorable clip but it works for a song like this. Even if those burning letters are very, very tacky.

That said, according to the band’s Twitter a full-length version is coming out too. So there’s that.

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