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Videowatch: July


No common themes or clever blurbs this month!


Gosh, what a tease. There were so many new and exciting steps taken between Natasha Khan’s first and second albums that I was really excited to hear what she was going to do for her third outing, coming later this year. But the lead single is the sort of Khan-and-piano that have so far acted as one of the shared traits of both of her previous albums, thus giving us no idea what’s going to happen with the rest of the album. Unless the whole album is piano-based like this. Gosh.

A+ beautiful song however and I’m always a sucker for some horn arrangements, especially ones that remind me of The National, so highly excited and in love nonetheless, and now waiting for The Haunted Man with immense impatience. The video is rather lovely and fitting as well but honestly guys, it’s not so heart-rending and sad as you all seem to think.


A new Hot Chip video is always an event and while the new one for How Do You Do isn’t one of their stronger ones, its little retro-bluescreen shtick has something rather endearing and quite adorable to it nonetheless. And I just about lost it when the text backgrounds suddenly appeared. The song remains one of the best of the year from one of the best albums of the year. A flawless pop masterpiece.


I… have a problem with videos that try to be inspirational, in lack of a better word. You occasionally, rarely, get a good exception but most of time they come off as overbearingly cheesy – made all the worse by how sincere they try to be – and more cringy than heartwarming. Kudos to PSB that at least this wasn’t directly sports-related despite the song’s (rather opportunistic) Olympic timing, but it’s not working for me. Part of the blame might be in the song. “Winner” sounds swell: the verses are quite good, I’m somewhat fond of the Release-vibes it has (come as a breath of fresh air after the overbearingly Xenomania-influenced Yes) and I like how despite it being an optimistic “we can do it!” kind of song it still ends up sounding somehow bittersweet. But it’s not exactly a classic PSB single and pales vastly in comparison to nearly everything that came before it in that respect, it feels rather too obvious in its Olympics-pandering and Tennant’s lyrics suffer from the said obvious straightforwardness. The fact that the album preview track, “Invisible“, is from a whole different – and superior – league in every single respect and sounds rather at odds with Winner might be making me even more jaded about it. We shall see. Elysium is out in a few months and it’s on the top of my waiting list.


The trope of kids/a kid waking up to a world with no adults and then going crazy with all the possibilities is an incredibly common one, and never has it filled me with anything else than sheer dread and horror. Back when I was a kid, suddenly finding my whole family had vanished would probably have been one of my ultimate nightmare scenarios and it’s still an incredibly frightening idea. Especially when the world is apparently filled with some sort of unexplainable monsters that are behind the adult-captures. And then the video ends on the dumb kid attracting the attention of said monsters with his haywire fireworks display. What were you thinking little boy, run for your freaking life.

A fairly pedestrian, even if catchy, song married to an expertly done but also fairly unoriginal and uninteresting video.

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