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Videowatch: August


Super-early edition because I’m off for about a week and it’s either this or a late post. Only two videos but we’ll make do!


One of the few lesser highlights of the somewhat disappointing last MMJ album gets a very MMJ-like video. Visual tripping, goofy animation sequences, all very far out man. Nothing that will particularly live in memory though. Maybe I’m just a bit too nonchalant about everything related to the album because I find it hard to really care about the songs.


It’s a good thing I do this video roundup at the end of every month because if I had been posting about this song when it was first unveiled in early August, the following blurb would have been far more negative. Nakata’s foray into Western dance pop wasn’t really something that was welcomed easily – one of the best things about Perfume and all of Nakata’s production works (and J-pop in general tbh if you’re so inclined to generalise) is how the production is so out there from everything else, a playground of mad ideas and incredible execution that’s far, far away from the generic tropes of its Western equivalent. As such, this blatant attempt to break Perfume into international shores didn’t receive a warm welcome. And then the song kept haunting my head until it culminated about 2-3 days worth of it being in constant repeat. I’ve said it before and it still rings true, Nakata is a genius – and now he’s literally facing against his Western colleagues and showing them who’s boss. Keep your ears open for all the wonderful little details (my favourite: those faint shimmers in the chorus that bounce to and from ether)!

Video is your usual Perfume quality, ie rather good. Visually very striking, great imagery and some excellently done rhythmic play between the editing and music.

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