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Videowatch: September 2012


It’s that time again where I introduce new music videos from acts I like and describe them in really poor, irrational ways because some part of me is hopelessly attached to the music video format having grown with them!

So anyway.


It’s no “Keep Fishin'” but the marriage of Ben Folds (Five) and Jim Henson’s sympathetic cavalcade of fuzzy things is a natural and wonderful one. Feel-good video of the year, surely? I also really like “Do It Anyway”, which is a far more positively glowing phrase than I would have said about it back when I first heard it, which is when it was met with a resounding meh. And then it just somehow clicked, both thanks to hearing it in the album context and watching the video. It’s not the best song on the surprisingly excellent new Ben Folds Five album but it’s really good fun.


Jason Lytle continues doing what he does best. The music is as identifiably Grandaddy-esque as ever but it’s once again got that slightly more relaxed and loose touch Lytle brought into the mix with his first solo album. And quite frankly, I’m more than happy with that – Lytle is one of the few artists in the world who I’m quite happy to hear doing more or less the same thing throughout their career. It always works, it’s always excellent and there’s always those little touches that make the albums distinct from one another. So, “Your Final Setting Sun” – another Jason Lytle song, just the way you want your Jason Lytle songs served. It’s lovely.

I’ve not much to say about the video. It works and it’s enjoyable – I’ve enjoyed watching it a couple of times now and while having absolutely nothing to do with the music, it has that sense of offbeatness that’s all around Lytle’s music. It slots perfectly into the continuum of Lytle/Grandaddy videos.


I’ll tackle the new Muse album later on (whether via a full article or in an October album roundtable) but having heard it a few times thanks to the webstream… well, I really like it. Yes, that’s an unfashionable statement and yes, I expected a full-blown clusterfuck and quite frankly I wasn’t far off in my expectations, but it’s a really good album. Utterly ridiculous in many parts and definitely far more bombastic and less guitar-crunchy than the early stuff, but by gosh it’s been executed so well. I’m still a bit in two minds about “Madness” however: that final minute and a half is quite frankly brilliant and so deliciously epic in that sort of wonderful stadium-sized power ballad way, but dearie me the song takes forever to get there and it doesn’t do anything all that spectacular or engaging on the way. It’s enjoyable yes, but it’s a song entirely about the wait for the final climax rather than a great song enhanced by an excellent finale. Also, that incredibly anemic and out-of-place guitar solo. But, um, still good. Because that’s what Muse are the masters of these days: they take things that rightfully shouldn’t work and they make them excellent.

The video is… there and it exists, I suppose? The most interesting part about is is Wolstenholme’s Kaoss pad bass which is, once again, so daft it’s actually amazing.


The apex of the Kaikki on satua era, probably. One of the best songs on the album (probably the tied best) and a brilliant single choice, an excellent video that lacks the drama of the first two but replaces it with the surreal otherwordliness that surrounds the song and the album and works it to excellent results, and generally an all-around excellently handled release altogether. The last minute and a half is one of my favourite moments of the year: the falsetto vocals, that instantly memorable toy piano riff, the ripping guitars and the ever-escalating synths all colliding together and leading the song into the unknown as it fades out. Brilliant stuff, really.


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