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Rambling Fox bids thee a good Christmas


Rambling Fox is going on a tiny Christmas break (which is much like any other Rambling Fox break, except it’s got a good excuse rather than just the writer being busy/lazy/writersblocky) and would like to wish its small readership a very lovely end of December; I know there’s not much of you, but it’s very humbling that someone’s actually decided that reading my pointless, arbitrary babbling about music is a good way to spend your precious minutes and I thank you for that. Come 2013, I’ve a few ideas on how to make this blog a bit more active – more ‘first impressions’ with later re-reviews should views radically change, possible series of articles, maybe more ex tempore posts on whatever’s making me giddy with no extended word count. I look forward to it. I know this little blog is simply a place for my thoughts because I do so like to spill them, but I’m excited about sharing more of them even if it’s just for my own pleasure.

In the meantime, let’s welcome Christmas with open arms in the tune of 2012’s greatest gift to Christmas music – Sufjan Stevens’ batshit insane yuletide epoch “Christmas Unicorn”. Don’t turn it off just because the twee first half might not be to your tastes – you’d be missing out on one hell of an afterparty, including the most bizarre yet the most perfect interpretation of Joy Division in a Christmas song.

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