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Videowatch: April 2013



Two songs. Two electronic songs. Two completely different extremes. Two videos that emphasise imagery over story. Spoiler alert: they’re both pretty excellent.


One of the very few good things to come out of the International Vinyl Fetishist Collector/Ebay Opportunist Circlejerk Day Record Store Day was this collaboration. Musically it’s very much in the vein of Moby’s recent works – more soundtrack music for empty cities at 3am in the vein of 2011’s amazing Destroyed, minimal and atmospheric. Mark Lanegan’s guttural drawl adds an additional mood kick that Moby’s own voice wouldn’t be able to deliver, justifying the collaboration. The result is a surprisingly great song that sounds incredibly unsuspecting at first but really gets under your skin and begins to haunt your mind. It’s rather gorgeous. And to accompany it, we have a video composed out of snippets of arresting, beautiful visuals both natural and urban (often juxtaposed). Much like the song, it’s rather minimal and in all honesty it probably won’t be one of the year’s standout videos, but it still manages to captivate just because of the strength of beautiful scenery it offers.


I still go by my opinion that PSB’s last year’s album Elysium was the year’s biggest disappointment, not only being a flawed album in its own right but also one of the very weakest the normally strong legendary duo have ever released. However, the full-on dance album that the Boys have held on backburner for quite some years now is finally seeing the light of day in the aftermath of the rather somber Elysium and “Axis”, the lead single off the upcoming Electric, removes all the disappointment and loss of faith Elysium brought with it from the instant it begins to play. Quasi-instrumental, italo disco -influenced dance stomper that believes in constantly one-upping itself – it’s a bloody great monster of a song.

Even better is that it’s the first genuinely good PSB video we’ve had in years. Formerly one of the greats of the format, we’ve had a fairly terrible track record ever since 2009 “Did You See Me Coming?”. Electric redeems that. It’s a visual delight, a never-ending stream of brilliant imagery that fits the song perfectly. It’s not deep but it doesn’t aim to be so either – it’s there to emphasise the strength of the song and make for an amazing comeback. And it is.

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