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About the blog

So what’s this Rambling Fox thingy?

One more music blog in the oversaturated sea full of those things. The aim of Rambling Fox is to be a bit less mp3-dependent and bit more word-centric than your usual amateur blog thing, to satisfy the author’s love for talking about things way too much. The whole thing was actually born out of a simple desire to just talk about music – I don’t really pretend that I’m going to influence tons of people or act as an important news source to anyone, I just want to talk about stuff I like.

That’s cool. What’s the genre focus?

You’ll mainly come up across modern rock and pop music, including all the billions of inane sub-genre names within that broad bracket. I guess a fairly easy shorthand for the general focus would be “indie” but that would also be fairly daft because half of the stuff written about isn’t really indie stylistically or label-wise. There’s also the occasional forays into other realms of music whenever something catches a fancy well enough to be written about. Rambling Fox does not want to limit itself to one single specific focus – it simply ends up doing so automatically most of the time.

Sounds like my thing. When do you update?

Whenever it catches my fancy. We all have our dry periods and sometimes we’re swept by inspirational tsunamis. No strict deadlines here.

Can I contact you for things related to this blog?

Sure, yeah. Slap a pile of text to flintgf at gmail dot com if you’re so inclined. If you’re trying to plug your band or something, feel free to but reply / featuring is by no means guaranteed

LiveJournal syndication?

Got it.

What’s with this whole fox thing?

They’re cute!

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