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About the author

Picture by Billy ForeHi, my name’s Flint.

Well, that’s not my actual name, more of a nickname really, but you know what I mean.

I was born and raised in Finland (which explains the occasional Finnish artists cropping up) but currently spend my life in the United Kingdom. If it wasn’t too obvious already, I’m a fairly large fan of music and I also love talking about it, hence the blog you’re eyeing here – it literally only exists because I just want to talk about things I like. There’s not much else to say about me that would be relevant to this particular website, so excuse the briefness.

You may or may not have bumped into me in another blog, Indie Paws, that I held together with a bunch of my good friends. Yeah I’m that Flint.

The artist that got me into music big-time were Manic Street Preachers. Some time ago I did my own little tribute to them, in the form of a song-by-song babble about every single original track they’ve ever done. You can view it here.

I’m not really the sort of person who deals with genre definitions very well, so whenever someone asks what I listen to I prefer to throw a bunch of artist names. Or, if we’re traversing the world wide web, I’ll just link to my Last.FM and let the names on the charts there to do the talking. Some sort of rock and pop stuff is the mainstay of my collection but I’m not averse to branching out and in fact do so fairly often, even if it all tends to be overshadowed in amount by white guys with guitars moaning about how sad and stuff life is.

I’m also fairly addicted to and it’s my primary music review archive. Sometimes the stuff from there will also appear here if it’s something relevant to my recent obsessions.

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